English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

Nurturing a relationship with Jesus Christ

Eucharist Programme 2018/19



English Martyrs Parish Eucharist Programme 2018/19




Preparation for First Holy Communion will begin in the autumn.

The programme has 5 evening sessions for parents alone and 14 sessions on

Saturday mornings when parents and children will work together.


Our greatest desire in preparing children for First Holy Communion is to enable them and their families to have an encounter with Christ in the celebration of the Sunday Mass. We want to do all that we can to welcome and support ‘inactive Catholics’ who want their children to make First Holy Communion. This may take a little longer.

We wish to help these parents and their children to have a sense of belonging to our parish community.


These are the following arrangements;

  • Children of practising parents will be admitted to preparation for First Holy Communion.

    By ‘practising’ we mean those who attend either 6.30pm Mass on Saturday, 9.30am, 11.30am or 5.00pm Masses on Sunday, at English Martyrs Church.

  • Children will receive First Holy Communion at the Mass they normally attend over a few Sundays in June 2019.

  • Parents wishing to enroll a child in First Holy Communion will need to make an appointment to see the parish priest before September 28th 2018, in order to begin the conversation and agree on the arrangements going forward.                                                                                                      Please contact the parish office to arrange this.

  • Parents who are not yet familiar to the parish priest will be invited to take an active step in exploring their own faith as adults, by joining small groups of parents and attending Sunday Mass.