Daily Prayer and Liturgy Sessions

Information for Parents

As a Catholic community, daily collective prayer and liturgy are fundamental to maintaining our Christian ethos. It is our intention that all children should be given the opportunity to grow in spiritual awareness and develop their relationship with God. As well as daily class prayers such as morning offerings, grace before meals, etc, we participate in the following each week:


Monday: – The Head teacher leads the school in worship centered around the Gospel of the previous Sunday.

Tuesday: - Prayer and Liturgy in individual classrooms.

Wednesday: - Key Stages take alternate weeks to meet in the hall to praise God through song.

Thursday: – Individual classes take turns to lead Prayer and Liturgy on a theme from their RE work.

                      Parents are invited to join these Liturgies.

Friday: Laudate (meaning ’praise’) - The school comes together led by the House and Vice Captainsto listen to scripture, praise God, and celebrate the achievement of the children over the course of the week.


As well as our daily worship sessions, we come together as a school community to celebrate Masses during the terms. The children also participate in Penitential liturgies during Advent and Lent.


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