We expect all children to wear our school uniform as set out below. Please help the school by ensuring that your child does not come to school wearing; jewellery, nail polish or make-up. Children are permitted to wear a single stud/small “sleeper” earring in their lower lobes.

We recommend that long hair is tied back, for safety reasons.

A selection of second hand uniform is avalible from school.


- White shirt

- Grey trousers (Nov-April)

- Grey shorts(May-Oct)

- Green jumper with school emblem 

- School Tie (depending on the year)

- Grey/black socks

- Black shoes (not trainers or open-toed sandals)

- Plain coat or waterproof jacket



White, Navy, or Black Shorts

- White t-shirt

- Plimsolls or trainers

- Navy tracksuit – trousers and top (Outdoor PE)

- PE bag (drawstring)    


- White blouse

- Grey skirt/pinafore dress or trousers

- Green and white stripe or checked dress (May-Oct)

- Green cardigan with school emblem 

- School Tie (depending on the year)

- White, black or grey socks or grey tights

- Black shoes (not trainers, boots, high-heeled shoes or 

   open-toed sandals)

- Plain coat or waterproof jacket


KS1 – Red Tie            

KS2 – Red and Green Tie   

Yr 6 - Green Tie          

School ties available from the office



KS1 – Red book bag with school emblem     

KS2 – Blue book bag with school emblem    

Rucksacks are not suitable due to the lack of space within the school.


Where to buy items:

Jumpers/Cardigans, Ties, PE bags, KS1 and KS2 books bags are available to purchase online via SchoolMoney.co.uk