We expect all children to wear our school uniform as set out below. Please help the school by ensuring that your child does not come to school wearing; jewellery, nail polish or make-up. Children are permitted to wear a single stud/small “sleeper” earring in their lower lobes.

We recommend that long hair is tied back, for safety reasons.

Reasonable adjustments (temporary or longer term) to uniform requirements may be agreed where there are specific medical or special educational needs which would make this appropriate. Please contact the SENCO or Family Worker if you need to discuss your child's specific needs.

A selection of second-hand uniforms is available from the school.


- White shirt

- Grey trousers (Nov-April)

- Grey shorts(May-Oct)

- Dark Green jumper 

- School Tie (depending on the year)

- Grey/black socks

- Black shoes (not trainers or open-toed sandals)

- Plain coat or waterproof jacket



White, Navy, or Black Shorts

- White t-shirt

- Plimsolls or trainers

- Navy tracksuit – trousers and top (Outdoor PE)

- PE bag (drawstring)    


- White blouse

- Grey skirt/pinafore dress or trousers

- Green and white stripe or checked dress (May-Oct)

- Dark Green cardigan 

- School Tie (depending on the year)

- White, black or grey socks or grey tights

- Black shoes (not trainers, boots, high-heeled shoes or 

   open-toed sandals)

- Plain coat or waterproof jacket


KS1 – Red Tie            

KS2 – Red and Green Tie   

Yr 6 - Green Tie          

School ties available from the office



KS1 – Red book bag with school emblem     

KS2 – Blue book bag with school emblem    

Rucksacks are not suitable due to the lack of space within the school.


Where to buy items:

Ties, PE bags, KS1 and KS2 books bags are available to purchase online via SchoolMoney.co.uk