English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School

Nurturing a relationship with Jesus Christ


Nursery Uniform


We recommend in our nursery:

  • Red sweatshirt with the school logo - available from school office @ £9.50
  • White polo shirt
  • Grey/navy jogging bottoms, leggings or grey skirt
  • Shoes that cover the whole foot (no open toed shoes) and are suitable for outdoor play; and if possible should have fastenings children can undo and do up themselves.

In the summer:

  • Grey/navy shorts
  • Red and white summer dress


  • A painting apron

We encourage outdoor learning, so in the summer children should bring a sun hat and wear sun block.

In winter children will need warm coats with a hood, hats, gloves and wellies.

Red/Blue summer caps are available from school office @ £5.00